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Ravago Manufacturing

Ravago Manufacturing produces a wide range of plastic and rubber materials from high performance engineered resins to recycled post-consumer materials. Our goal is to provide consistent, high quality, competitively priced products to our customers and partners.

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Ravago Manufacturing has a unique array of facilities, types of equipment, and technology platforms that allows to fulfill virtually any product or process requirement specified by any customer.


The recycling of thermoplastic waste has always been a corner-stone. Competence and creativity flourish where reclaim of PP and PE in the forms of pellet, powder, film, fiber, non-wovens, lump and chunk waste are formulated into useful applications for the automotive, agricultural and durables sectors.


Ravago’s Tolling and Contract Manufacturing division gives resin producers and distributors the ability to offer specialty compounds branded with their own label.

Ravago's new PP light weight series

April 06, 2017

Ravago is proud to announce the new successfull developments of the PP light weight series grades. 

Ravago products that are ideal for light weight automotive parts with great combination of excellent aesthetics.

Products that are reinforced for high impact without the lack of superior haptics. The superb characteristics do not end there are these products are very scratch resistance and available with high UV performance as well.

Ravago, leading company in plastics has managed to apply the very high knowledge and create this new series. 

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